Frequently Asked Questions

Why is it important for installers to be fully covered by workers comp insurance?

Any homeowner is acting as the contractor when they hire (anyone, whether an individual or a company) a subcontractor to do work on their home. If the subcontractor does not carry their own Workers Comp Insurance, the homeowner (legally being the contractor) will be responsible for any subcontractor who is injured on the job. Most cases where a homeowner (acting as a contractor) hires a subcontractor to work and the subcontractor is injured at their home, it could turn into a Gross Negligence Lawsuit which turns into a Gross Negligence Case. As an example, if a subcontractor falls off a ladder and is injured in any way (could be a preexisting injury or new) there is no limit to the dollar value of liability/responsibility by the homeowner in a gross negligence case. A subcontractor’s employee can file suit against the homeowner personally.

What is the warranty on the installation?

All Seasons does not use subcontractors. All of All Seasons installers work directly for and only for All Seasons. All of our installers go through extensive factory training and adhere to our strict installation standards modeled after Installation Masters method of installing retrofit windows. Our training, our strict standards and the use of high end sealants give us the confidence needed to warrant our installation for a period of 10 years. The product warranty and Installation Labor Warranty are two separate warranties.